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About Chea Clothing

About Chea Clothing

CHEA Clothing, LLC company was established in 2001! CHEA Clothing, LLC offers quality adaptive apparel for those with special physical needs such as ambulatory, autism, and independent living disabled citizens.

Chea’s purpose is to offer a clothing line that is comfortable, stylish, and easy to wear while allowing easy access. The line will allow those with disabilities to live and be seen in a dignified way when in public. The client and family will not have to worry if their loved one is appropriately covered. Chea’s designs will ensure peace of mind for families and clients.

A Mother’s Dream

Hello my name is Joyce Fields, creator of CHEA Clothing, LLC. CHEA is a clothing line that I created because of my son, Tilas Taylor, whom was born with Cerebral Palsy. Tilas had been bed ridden since birth and doctors predicted that he would not live past the age of two. It is with great pride and true blessings that my son lived to celebrate his eighteenth birthday. Tilas passed away September 2, 2008.

Being a parent of a child who needs 24 hour care, know the struggles that come with the day to day tasks of caring for an individual faced with such a crippling disease. Even the most basic chores, such as getting dressed, can be tedious. After many thoughts and prayers, I created CHEA Clothing, LLC. Chea not only offers the style of conventional clothing lines, but also the functionality that makes caring for individuals with special needs an easier task.

Last year, CHEA partnered with Noble Indiana, Special Olympics, Make a Wish Foundation, Loving Care Nursing Agency and the Firefighters Association. This year we are expecting more health care organizations and more non-profit organizations to partner with our company for our annual fashion show.

Press Release

CHEA Clothing, LLC (Creative Heavenly Extraordinaire Attire) Offers Custom Clothing Designs Specially made for special need individuals.

CHEA Clothing, LLC attire is a famous and popular company that is unique for custom clothing designs for physically challenged individuals. The clothes have so much style and flare to where EVERYONE would want wear them. Our company website ( provides you with the ability to order as your own customized clothing to fit your needs.

CHEA Clothing, LLC provides clothing for all ages and gender. We offer the following services. and helps you to choose as your own demands. The services of this custom clothing design company. Men’s wear: will give you that edge of a sophisticated well groomed look, making you stop and take a look. Women’s wear; woman’s wear will give a sense of Sassiness, style and flare that completely makes her perfect with today’s smart fashion world. Teen Girl’s; Teen girl’s , clothing’s have all shades of colors and fashionable designs that will make them feel like a princesses. Teen Boy’s; These clothes are designed for that tough rugged boy who’s on the run or just relaxing. Chea clothing has also given high priority to infant wear that rocks out in style as well as stylish bibs and easy accessible clothing.

The advantages of CHEA Clothing, LLC will develop create and distribute comfortable, durable and innovative clothing specifically designed for clients that have difficulties fitting and putting on regular attire. To find out what best fits your needs feel free to VISIT and stay connected with our Facebook Page:

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